Nufarm Americas Nufarm Acquires Cleary Chemical Corporation,
Nufarm will offer the entire line of Cleary products under the Cleary’s brand name. “It will be business as usual for the short-term as we integrate the two businesses,” said Sean Casey, Vice President of Turf & Ornamentals for Nufarm. “Customers looking for products and information on Cleary’s products should continue to contact their Cleary’s representative, and likewise for Nufarm products.”
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The superior foliar insecticide
just got better.
  • Provides the longest lasting foliar spray residual on the market today.
    Odorless, fast-acting and economical!

  • Broad spectrum control of key insect pests like aphids, caterpillars, leaf-eating beetles (such as the Japanese beetle), leaf miners, mealy bugs, scales (hard and soft), thrips and whiteflies.

  • Available in 3 convenient sizes:
    4 fl oz Tip N' Pour, Quarts and Gallons